Loch Duart Sustainable Scottish Salmon
Fresh from Europe, our Scottish-farmed Salmon yields a firm, meaty texture & rich, moist flavor that is of premium quality, full of Omega-3’s & a favorite among customers.
Cooking Tip: Try broiling with Soy Vay Very Very Teriyaki Sauce.

Farmed domestically in fresh water ponds, Tilapia is lean, mild and sweet tasting (similar to catfish) with a slightly firm, flaky texture.
Cooking Tip: Sauté or bake with lemon butter dill sauce.

Strictly regulated and harvested all over the world, Swordfish have moderately high oil content, lending to a firm, meaty & moist texture & sweet taste.
Cooking Tip: Great for the grill w/ our Soy Vay Wasabiaki Marinade.

Striped Bass
One of the East Coast’s favorite fish, Wild Striped Bass have a large moist flake and delicate flavor.
Cooking Tip: Broil w/ Sundried Tomato Seafood Glaze.

Another member of the Flounder family, Sole has a firmer, flakier texture than the Grey Sole w/ a mild flavor that holds up well to a variety of cooking methods.
Cooking Tip: Wrap fillets around crabmeat & fresh herbs and bake.

Orange Roughy
Fished off the coast of New Zealand and Australia, Orange Roughy have a mild, delicate flavor & moist large-flaked meat that holds together well after cooking. Cooking Tip: Tolerant to most cooking methods, except grilling.

Sockeye Salmon
Caught mostly around Bristol Bay in Alaska, Sockeye are the reddest-fleshed of the wild salmon. They carry a large amount of fat making them rich in Omega-3s and flavor!
Cooking Tip: Sprinkle with sea salt & ground pepper & broil.

Caught close to shore on the southeastern and Gulf coasts, Pompano is a prized fish among seafood lovers for its white, oily flesh that is meaty and sweet when baked or broiled. Cooking Tip: Bake whole fish in parchment paper or broil fillets.

The bottom-dwelling, kite-shaped skate are harvested on both coasts of North America. They have a stringy texture & mildly pronounced flavor that is very similar to scallops.
Cooking Tip: Poach w/ water, wine vinegar, chopped onion & thyme.

A seasonal 3-5 pound fish that, like Salmon, swims into our rivers each spring & is absolutely delicious. The roe of the female is considered “the foie gras of the fish world.”
Cooking Tip: Broil w/ salt & pepper and serve w/ capers & lemon.

Salmon Steaks
Fresh from Europe, our Scottish-farmed Salmon Steaks yield a firm, meaty texture & rich, moist flavor that is of premium quality, full of Omega-3’s & a favorite among customers.
Cooking Tip: Try broiling with Rub of Love Salmon Rub.

Sablefish (Black Cod)
Caught off the Alaskan coast, Sablefish is rich though fairly mild in flavor w/ large white flakes & a soft, velvety texture…an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids!!
Cooking Tip: Marinate in Soy Vay Very Very Teriyaki & broil.

Red Snapper
With its trademark, red skin, red eyes & dog-like teeth (what gives the fish its snapper name), Red Snapper have a lean & moist texture w/ a superb flavor that is sweetly mild.
Cooking Tip: Bake whole fish stuffed w/ fresh herbs & seasonings or bake fillets.

Fished in the North Atlantic, Haddock is considered the sweetest tasting among the Cod species. Its lean meat has a mild, clean flavor w/ large, tender flakes.
Cooking Tip: Bake. Broil or Saute. Excellent Beer Battered and Fried.

Yellowfin Tuna
Our Sushi-Quality #1 Tuna! Caught in the warm waters of the Caribbean and Pacific our Yellowfin has a beautiful color and firm, moist texture that delivers a mild, meaty flavor.
Cooking Tip: Marinate Soy Vay Wasabiaki Sauce & scallions, then pan-sear.

Soft Shell Crabs
Limited only to the summer season, Soft Shell Crabs are rich, sweet and buttery in flavor w/ tender flaky white meat. Cooking Tip: Dredge in egg yolk and Panko Japanese Breadcrumbs, then sauté in olive oil or butter on medium-high heat until crispy.

Fluke Flounder
A premium domestic flatfish and member of the Flounder family, our Fluke Flounder yields larger fillets that deliver the perfect balance of soft, yet firm texture & subtly, sweet taste.
Cooking Tip: Better suited to poaching or steaming vs. dry-heat.

Often called the “Poor Man’s Lobster”, Monkfish tail meat is dense, firm and boneless with a mild & slightly sweet taste that is much like a scallop or lobster meat. Cooking Tip: Very versatile…broil w/ zesty seasonings & sauces.

Found in tropical waters around the globe, Mahi-Mahi has a sweet, mildly pronounced flavor similar to swordfish. Lean meat is fairly firm in texture w/ large, moist flakes.
Cooking Tip: Grill, bake or broil w/ our Soy Vay Very Very Teriyaki.

Lemon Sole
A larger member of the Flounder family, Lemon Sole has a slightly firmer texture than the standard size Sole w/ a slightly more pronounced flavor. Cooking Tip: Brush w/ a Sundried Tomato Marinade and broil.

King Salmon
Caught from central California up through British Columbia, our wild King Salmon have a large fat reserve that translates into a delicious buttery, rich flavor that melts in your mouth!
Cooking Tip: Simple treatments are best…broil w/ basil pesto.

Caught along the Northwest Coast, our Halibut is a very mild and sweet-tasting, lean fish with a firm, flaky, meaty texture that holds up well to a variety of cooking methods.
Cooking Tip: Marinate in Soy Sauce & Toasted Sesame Seeds & broil.

Caught in the Northern Atlantic, Hake (also known as Whiting) has a soft flesh and a delicious mild-tasting, sweet meat…a great substitute for Cod!
Cooking Tip: Excellent fried in a light, crispy & seasoned batter.

Fished throughout the Caribbean Sea and off the West Coast of South America, Grouper has a mild, but distinct flavor w/ meat that cooks up white, firm and moist.
Cooking Tip: A very versatile fish…best when blackened or grilled.

Arctic Char
Farmed & shipped fresh from cold Canadian waters, Arctic Char is a member of the trout & salmon family w/ a mild flavor more closely resembling trout & finer flake than both.
Cooking Tip: Treat as you would trout…fillets are best broiled

Imported fresh from Hawaii, Escolar has a mild sweet flavor & soft, velvety texture that melts in your mouth like butter. Its extra rich oil content may cause a laxative-like effect.
Cooking Tip: Marinate in our Sesame Soy Ginger Sauce and broil.

Fished throughout Central and South America, Corvina is a white, flaky fish with a high fat content and mild to moderate flavor that is suitable for all kinds of preparations.
Cooking Tip: Bake or broil w/ fresh lemon juice, salt & pepper.

Copper River Salmon
Highly prized & sought by fish lovers every summer, Copper River Salmon have a characteristically high fat reserve that yields delicious buttery, sweet meat and a large flake.
Cooking Tip: Appreciate its full flavor w/ a little sea salt & broil.

Coho Salmon
Fished from Southern California to Alaska, Coho have a relatively high fat content, beautiful color retention & and an excellent, mild salmon taste that is similar to Arctic Char.
Cooking Tip: High oil content makes it ideal for grilling or broiling.

Chilean Sea Bass
Strictly regulated & caught around much of the Southern Hemisphere, this patagonian toothfish has a rich, melt-in-your-mouth flavor w/ large flakes that are firm and moist.
Cooking Tip: Sauté or steam w/ fresh scallions & our Mirin Sauce.

Farmed off the U.S. Gulf Coast, Catfish has a consistently sweet, mild taste. The moist, dense meat absorbs other flavors readily and has lesser flake than the typical whitefish.
Cooking Tip: Very versatile…holds up well to almost any seasoning.

Cajun Catfish
Farmed & delivered fresh from Alabama, our Cajun Catfish is marinated in a spicy southern-style sauce that includes Cayenne Pepper, Chiles, Onion, Paprika & Soybean Oil.
Cooking Tip: Wrap in foil & bake at 400 degrees for about 10 mins.

Found in the warmer waters of the North Atlantic, Bluefish have a sweet & pleasant-tasting flesh that is rich in Omega-3 oil content…great for the more health-conscious!!
Cooking Tip: Broil, Bake or Grill w/ Lemon, Garlic, Salt & Pepper

Black Sea Bass
Found along the eastern coast of the U.S., Black Sea Bass have a mild, fresh, somewhat delicate flavor and a tender, but firm texture w/ meat that cooks up snow-white.
Cooking Tip: Grill whole or bake fillets w/ a ginger-soy sauce.



2lb about 55 shrimp~ $40
4lb about 110 shrimp~$74
6lb about 165 shrimp~ $105
8lb about 220 shrimp~ $137


2lb about 30 shrimp~ $54
4lb about 60 shrimp~ $105
6lb about 90 shrimp~ $155
8lb about 120 shrimp~ $200

GO Fish Homemade Cocktail Sauce is provided for all shrimp trays