Berks County Fresh Seafood Connection

Our mission statement focuses on you: the customer. Go Fish! wants to share our love of seafood with you and your family. Product quality and great customer service come first at Go Fish! Ask us to share our knowledge of what you see in our cases. We will be happy to recommend favorite recipes or our simple how-to tips when it comes to bringing our product to your table.

GO FISH! Welcomes You…we pride ourselves on serving people who are just like us.

Loch Duart Salmon

“I like to use quality Scottish salmon fed on as natural a diet as possible. I get this from Loch Duart.”

Gordon Ramsay


100% Natural • Wild Caught  Sweet Flavor  Brilliant Color • Free of Antibiotic • Chemical Free • No Growth Hormones • No Synthetic Colorings or Chemicals!

Littleneck clams

Our clams and oysters are an environmentally friendly and sustainable food product and an excellent way to address non-point source pollution in our waterways.