My name is Heather Clark, sole proprietor of GO FISH! Seafood Market & Sushi Bar located in West Reading.  In 2005, I purchased a small seafood stand at the Fairgrounds Farmers Market, Reading, PA, and Go Fish! Seafood was born. From the beginning, we have focused on learning the food interests and dietary needs of our customers to build our business. Early on, we recognized that consumers in this community share Go Fish's interest in supporting products that are not harmful to the environment. In order to contribute to this shared desire, we expanded our selection of sustainable items and provided material for consumers to learn about their purchases. Consumers are also interested in maintaining a healthy diet and seafood provides healthy alternatives. Because of this, we soon realized a growing interest in our sushi. After three years, our customer base outgrew what our small stand could provide, and we opened a second location on Penn Avenue in West Reading. This location offers additional hours as well as a cafe and sushi bar for our customers to enjoy prepared dishes made from the products we sell in our cases.


Here at GO FISH! we are committed to supplying Berks County with the highest quality seafood by promoting great tasting, sustainably produced, authentic artisan seafood.   We believe in a seafood market that respects the extraordinary efforts made by the producers who are serious in their strive for sustainable practices that deliver to your table fish that you can trust.  By sharing this belief with our customers, we carry on the efforts of these seafood producers positively impacting our environment, our community, and our customers.   We must continually educate ourselves and find ways to improve our business practices which demonstrate respect for our planet.  To do so, we have built relationships with suppliers who responsibly harvest wild caught products and artisans who faithfully attend to the welfare of the fish and the ecosystems on which we all are dependent. By setting these goals at GO FISH!, we deliver to our customers’ tables a difference they can see and taste.